Transfer Factor Explained in 8 Minutes
by Dr. Rob Robertson
There Are 3 Ways Our Immune System Learns

1. Get Sick and Recover - this takes a long time, and you have to go through and suffer a sickness first for your immune system to learn how to deal with the infection that brings about the sickness. What if you don't recover?

2. Vaccination - only effective BEFORE you get infected. Each vaccine is for a specific virus but virus can mutate.  So how many vaccines can your body take? There may be side effects associated with vaccination.

3. Transfer Factor - Our Immune Molecules – Natural & Safe. Exclusive. Each capsule of Transfer Factor contains 600 Trillion immune data to Increase your Immune Intelligence. They educate and smarten your immune system naturally, no toxicity and no side effects.

Which one will you choose? Your immune system needs to be strengthened and smartened during this Covid 19 Pandemic and Transfer Factor can help you do that naturally. Watch the above 8 minute video for more information.

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